Real Estate Showcase, Vol.23 No.12 - 3

Mr. Saulnier pointed out that many of the houses represent the Ranch style, which falls under the Modem Houses (1940-Present) heading. The one-story homes were very common in Wilmington between 1935 and 1976. On the Island, many of them have been raised on pilings — for very practical reasons.

He spotted mixtures of Colonial and Colonial Revival — the latter coming under the Eclectic Houses (1880-1940) heading. A predominant style in the Port City area between 1886 and 1966, some of its dues include a focus on the entry, or front door, symmetry and double hung windows.

While most of the homes offer glimpses of their original character, many have been modified to the point it makes it difficult to identify or discern their original style.

Mr. Thompson said a lot of the older homes are being demolished to make way for new—and bigger and taller—homes.

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